Your Hosts

Juliette & Sam

Hi! We’re a young couple from Belgium who fell in love with the Southwest of France a long time ago.

With Sam it’s all about surfing. He’ll help you pick the right equipment and show you which spots work best. Give him a few beers and he might tell you where to find secret spots…

Juliette will be your guide as she knows the area by heart. The best cafés, restaurants, shopping or sunset spots.

Let’s not forget about Mexie, the house dog. She will probably be the first to welcome you at your arrival with all her love. As you may have noticed by now, the villa has a Mexican touch. We’re in love with Mexico. And Mexie is a rescue dog (girl) we found in Baja California during one of our trips down South. She’s a lovely and friendly dog and is great with children. 

Where did this project come from?

After traveling through North, Central and South America for a couple of years it’s safe to say we’ve been staying in a lot of different B&B’s, surfhouses, hostels, hotels, guest houses etc. The idea of creating our own B&B with a combination of all the things we loved from the places we visited was dream… until last year when we decided to go for it!

The “Sayulita” adventure is a travel and love story. A mix between Mexico, France, California and Belgium (if you speak French, you’ll notice the accent ;-)). A great mix in our eyes where we want to welcome guests from all over the world and share travel stories.

Why “Sayulita”?

This is our little Mexican touch. Sayulita is a laid back surf town in mainland Mexico. Colourful streets, mellow waves and an excellent vibe.

And somehow it also forms the beginning of our names. SAm & YULIETA !


We hope to welcome you at the Villa soon and make your holidays even better ! The general idea behind the B&B type of accomodation is to share common areas of a house. Of course we’d love to see our guests hang out together but know there’s enough room for everyone if that’s not your thing. We don’t want to force any socialising. 2 person tables, 4 person tables or a big one are available and there’re enough areas to sit quietly. 


Sam & Juliette